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In this class you will learn the benefits and techniques of infant massage with you newborn. Infant massage can help reduce stress and depression in both babies and parents. It has been shown to help regulate babies' sleep cycles and can help with gas, colic, and digestion. Infant massage can enhance all areas of parent-child bonding through close physical and emotional interactions. Taught by our lactation consultant, come for a relaxing hour between mom and baby.

Classes are held every other Wednesday from 1-2pm. It is recommended that you attend at least 2 classes.


This class will discuss medical interventions during labor, epidurals, and Caesarean deliveris. We will also discuss care of moms after delivery and will include a tour of the unit.

This is a four-class series that focuses on all aspects of the birthing process, newborn care and safety, and breastfeeding. Attendance for the entire series is encouraged, however not mandatory. Classes may be attended individually. Classes will be held every Thursday, 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Part 1: Discuss the stages of labor, when to go to hospital, and vaginal deliveries.

Part2: Discusses medical interventions, epidural, Caesarean sections, and care of moms after delivery. Includes tour of the Women's Center.

Part 3: This class covers care of the newborn and newborn safety.

Part 4: This class will cover all aspects of breastfeeding your baby.


Siblings come to learn how to welcome their newborn bay with interactive activities.  This class will be held on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30,m every other month. Ages 3-10 years old welcome.